Regardless of job title (software engineer, developer advocate, technical writer, etc.), I’ve spent my career creating content and tools to help developers build things.

While I have experience giving talks and creating video content, my preference has always been for creating written content, especially tutorials and API/SDK documentation. Written content is more maintainable, flexible, and accessible than video content, and in my opinion, more useful.

This page gives some examples of written content that I’ve worked on.

SDK and API docs

I work at sentry.io where I maintain Sentry SDK docs in collaboration with the SDK developers. I also maintain the docs site itself (a Gatsby project hosted on Vercel), and the API docs in collaboration with product engineers.

Sentry is open source and part of my job is to empower external contributors. This involves triaging and routing issues, and helping contributors make pull requests to our docs repo. This also involves helping Sentry employees make internal documentation public, so external contributors can contribute to Sentry SDKs and product code. Since our docs site is open source, you can see all my contributions to Sentry’s docs via the project’s commit history.