Talks I’ve Given

I enjoy a bit of public speaking now and again. Here are links to slides and recordings (where possible) of some talks, livestreams, and short-form videos I’ve done.


Title Date Event Resources
Continuous Profiling in Python April 2023 PyCon US 2023 recording
Understanding the Performance Impact of Generated JavaScript Feb 2023 DeveloperWeek 2023 slides
Coinbase Wallet or NGMI May 2022 HackMoney 2022 recording
“Hello, World!” in 3 Languages Mutltiple at Microsoft 1st party conferences. Build 2020, Fall Ignite 2020, Start Dev Change, Spring Ignite 2021 slides, recording
2-day intro to AI workshop (titled “Intro to AI with Shana Matthews” lol) September 2019 Microsoft Reactor, Sydney slides
Intro to GitHub May 2019 Build 2019 slides
AI: opportunity and responsibility July 2018 ICISTS slides
Tips for live coding February 2019 Microsoft Student Partner Summit 2019 slides


Short-form videos

All scripted & recorded by me.