Static site generator with pandoc + Bash


I’ve been playing around with POSIX and Bash scripting lately. I’ve always really enjoyed shell scripting - I find it really intuitive and simple to get things done.

I was inspired by a tangent a streamer (rwxrob) went off on lately about how you could easily set up a basic static site generator using pandoc and some bash scripting so I decided to do it!

This site is generated from markdown files which I pass through pandoc using templates, all coordinated by (what is currently) one Bash script.

In the past, I’ve set up sites using Jekyll and Hugo, but I hated how bloated they were for what I really needed. I didn’t want a fancy theme or interactivity or SEO, or… anything else. I also strongly prefer to be able to understand everything in my setup and how better to do that than to make it yourself?

Check out the code here or in my footer 😁