Trying out writing week notes again! 👯‍♀️

I’m not making kombucha anymore (rip) and barely knitting, so sadly I can’t continue my previous format from 2020. I’ll try out some sections this week and see how they feel.


I’ve been in a personal-projects slump recently, as evidenced by my GitHub activity chart, yikes.

A mediocre GitHub contributions graph

This is mostly because of some health stuff that came up early in January and I’m still dealing with. However, I’ve been doing better over the last couple of weeks and I’ve found some energy and excitement to start playing around, particularly with ChatGPT-related things.

This website

Read my writeup on adding a new feature to this site with the “help” of ChatGPT.


I read this super cool article this week about Supabase adding ChatGPT to answer questions based off their docs.

They created such a nice writeup and video of the process, I wanted to play around with a similar setup in Sentry’s docs.

I didn’t get very far because our docs our on a very old version of Gatsby (2.32.13, yikes), which is not compatible with Supabase. I figured rather than trying my luck with other postgres DBs that might support both pgvector and Gatsby v2, I’d just set up a proof of concept by copying our docs markdown files into a newer project and set up Supabase with that project.

I decided to try Markdoc, since I’ve been wanting to play with it more since my first experiments with it at Coinbase. However, we use .mdx files, Mardoc only supports it’s own flavor of markdown… whew. It quickly turned into a lot, as these things often do.

This is still a work in progress. Hopefully more updates next week!



Articles I liked this week: