I’m back from India! The trip went surprisingly well health-wise. I did have to take 7 (yes, SEVEN) different medications for my allergies/mast cell disorder, but I didn’t have any major issues and didn’t get sick, so, huge win.



I… am joining the docs team at Sentry! I’ve been on the DevRel team under marketing, which increasingly doesn’t feel like the right fit given my hesitations about traveling and being a public figure. My new role will be a documentation engineer, focused on making Sentry’s docs great, both in terms of platform and content. My first day on the team will be 4/3. More to come soon!




Definitely want to come back to this but currently paused as I transition back from vacation.

Microsoft Loop

I finally got access to Loop as well as “New Bing”, but I’m weirdly over AI stuff right now. Its been dominating all the media so I’m not even playing with it. Instead, I’m checking out Microsoft’s new Notion clone. I love Notion, so very curious how Loop stacks up.

It seems pretty on-par, other than Notion databases, which are arguably the best part of Notion. However, Loop’s tables may be doing more than I’m giving them credit for. Need to explore further.


Articles I liked this week


I’m generally not much for podcasts, but I’ve been listening to Huberman Lab a bit. Huberman himself is reminiscent of a “life hacker” bro, which I have very little tolerance for, but I was sucked in by the science of getting morning sunlight to keep your circadian rhythms in check. Jet lag from India is no joke!