Today was my first “official” day as a Documentation Engineer at Sentry! I’m currently working on wrapping my head around our very old Gatsby docs site that we host on Vercel and familiarizing myself with the (long) list of complaints about it.

My very first project on the team was to implement a PR template for the repo with “pre-merge checklist” to try to convince employees to get a review from our technical writers before merging their docs PRs. The team is hesitant to gate PRs on our review more formally, but I think we’re going to need to. ~60% of employees are just deleting the checklist when they create the PR :/


I perform with the Seattle Labor Chorus and we had our annual concert this weekend on April 1st! It was a blast, and I got to sing a duet with a fellow chorus member, performing Joe Jencks’ Rise As One. YouTube link to the concert recording is here! I remembered!


This website

My posts folder is getting really messy, so I was trying to edit the bash script so it could accept nested post folders. I spent longer than 30 min on it without success, which I think means its time to move on to rewriting this thing in a more sane language, like Go… I also recently noticed that Brandur’s blog is created with his own SSG written in Go… More to come soon?



I live about 5 minutes away from a local park with a pond which I rarely go to, which is such a waste. There are a lot of things I don’t love about my house, but one of them was how much it feels like it’s in nature, despite being very much in town.

Inspired by the Huberman Lab podcast, I’ve been trying to take short morning walks to that pond and just sit and absorb morning sunlight for a while. It turns out, I love it! Who would have guessed. Here is a suspiciously friendly duck that was probably looking for some food:

A very friendly duck

Articles I liked this week


Wow, not a lot of progress on the books front. Life has been happening!