week notes 6/21/2020

Hello friends. I had a good, busy (relatively speaking) weekend, which meant I didn’t write anything up yesterday!

Friday was Juneteenth and there were ALL kinds of activities in the CHOP, as well as marches around town. For our part, the boyfriend and I participated by reading books, having discussions, and finally getting around to watching 13th, which was GREAT, but very sad, as I was expecting. Many tears were shed.

On Saturday I played a whole bunch of Pokemon Shield on my Switch, raiding with my friend KJ who is a fanatic. I finally beat all the gyms, so I’m on the last part of the storyline! After, I enjoyed some hammock time with the berry kombucha from last week + a small addition of some local raspberry flavored vodka my Dad got me last Christmas 😄

Buch on the balcony

On Sunday, myself and the boyfriend went hiking with my Dad (and his girlfriend) for Father’s Day. We went for a lovely stroll to Cherry Creek Falls, hoping to avoid some crowds at a less well-known, smaller hike. It was still a little busy, but not too bad. Overall, a nice, super easy afternoon hike!

Cherry Creek Falls


I finally finished my Rain Wilds tank top! Doing the straps was NOT FUN. Sadly, they ended up slightly different lengths, but by the time I noticed, I didn’t have any more motivation to go back and fix it. Maybe some day if it’s still bothering me!

Finished Rain Wilds tank top


No buch updates this week. We’ve got the buch on pause while we try to finish up last week’s GIANT batch.


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